Available in - 300ml / 430ml / 610ml

Spare the hard work and get a hygienic, fragrant washroom space every time with powerful AK refills.

The powerful enzyme, from the dispenser, kills up to 99.9% of the harmful germs and completely sanitizes the WCs and urinals. Effectively removing limescale and blockages from the pipes, this dispenser delivers complete care for your fixtures. Conjoined with a WICK, this dispenser spreads an ambrosial aroma all around. With the range of AK dispensers, you receive the 5-in-1 washroom hygiene solution.

  • Pharmaceutical valve technology adapted for accurate enzyme dispersal.
  • Hygiezene neutralizer incorporated for maximum odour elimination.
  • Refill can last up to 180 days. Refill life can variate with the dispenser settings.